At Out2Play we believe in collaboration, in cooperation, in community. Every playspace we build is the result of a public/private partnership. Every dollar we raise from the private sector often translates into nine dollars in public funding. Each of our playspaces costs an average of $250,000.



Typically city funds get us started, but it is private support that makes all the difference – to thousands of NYC school kids. Out2Play is a nonprofit organization, so your donation is tax-exempt. We celebrate every new playspace with a Grand Opening and we are always eager for donors to join us at the celebration. When you see students running, climbing and playing ball in their new playspace, you see your support in action and can feel proud of what you helped to create.  Help make it happen!

Why Give


"This is the best day of my life."
- Latisha, at the opening of P.S. 142 school's playground