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Asthma Hospitalization Rates for Children Ages 0-14 by UHF Neighborhood

Recess Information
Lots of information about the benefits of recess and various advocacy groups

PE Central
Source for activities, lesson plans, assessment ideas, and health related programs

International Play Equipment Manufacturers Association
Includes safety information as well as articles on the developmental benefits of play (in the News & Articles section)


Interesting Articles (PDF, Download Adobe Reader for free)

Healthy Kids, Healthy Future: A Resource Guide (File size: 376KB)
Published by the New York City Health Coalition, this guide provides health statistics of New York City children and lists different rpograms and resources available in New York City to help keep children healthy.

All Work and No Play (File size: 236KB)
Report published by former Public Advocate Betsy Gotbaum’s office that provides data on New York City elementary schools’ access to physical activity facilities and programs.

Guidelines for School Health Programs to Promote Physical Activity (File size: 296KB)
Published by the CDC, this guide provides information about the importance of physical activity and examples of types of activities.

Physical Activity and Health (File size: 184KB)
Report by the Surgeon General’s office that includes key statistics, information about the benefits of physical activity, and ways to increase activity levels.

Fair or Foul? (File size: 172KB)
Report by the New York City Council Committee on Education about sports and physical education in New York City Public Schools.

NYC Vital Signs (File size: 464KB)
Report by the New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene and Department of Education about obesity levels of New York City elementary school children


"The Bronx youth obesity rates are the highest in the five boroughs. To combat this we need to encourage kids to be physically active." - Councilman Joel Rivera