OUT2PLAY provides new – and much needed – playspaces for public schoolchildren all over New York City. Our public/private partnerships bring government, business, foundation and individual funders together for a single shared goal: to keep our school kids active and healthy by providing safe, welcoming playspaces.

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Out2Play dreams big: Healthy children laughing, running and climbing in new playspaces in 180 high-need public elementary schools all over the city of New York.

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We’re almost there. Over 150 once empty asphalt lots now boast monkey bars and slides, basketball courts and hopscotch games. This year we’ll transform another forty.

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How do we do it? Out2Play is all about collaboration. We bring government officials, business leaders, foundations, and individual donors together to support children’s healthy play. Every private dollar we raise typically means ten dollars in government support.

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Community is key. When we design playspaces, everyone gets a seat at the table – principals, parents, teachers, folks from the community and of course students. Together we make sure every playspace reflects each school’s individual vision.

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Out2Play builds playspaces all over the City, but targets high-need neighborhoods first.