(owt-too-play) n. 1.dynamic nonprofit devoted to keeping NYC schoolchildren healthy by transforming asphalt lots into customized playspaces. 2.effective coalition-builder for public and private funders. 3. NYC entrepreneurial energy at its best. 4. A great choice for your financial support.

How You Can Help

We fund every project through a public/private partnership. City support helps us get the ball rolling. Private funds (individual, foundation and corporate) take us through to the home stretch. We - and thousands of NYC school kids - need you on our team!


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Did You Know

"New York elementary schools are woefully lacking in outdoor play spaces, with nearly half of all schools having no playground for recess, and schools in minority communities are the worst off." -

NY Sun, quoting a 2008 report released by state Senator Jeffrey Klein.

43% of NYC elementary school children are either obese or overweight.

Public-Private Partnership

"I am proud to help provide our children with much-needed play space, an oasis amidst the 'concrete jungle' ."

NYC Council Member Maria del Carmen Arroyo.

"We are delighted to provide the children from P.S. 19 with this wonderful new playground."

Gerard LaRocca, Barclays PLC.
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